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I founded my company in a small booth at Flea Market Mobile in 2001 as a Medicare provider of wheelchairs and scooters. By around the time "Obamacare" became law, Medicare drastically increased burdensome regulations, imposed unending doctor's requirements, required more and more paperwork for approval, and cut fees they paid for these products. My customers and Medicare patients always had to wait...and wait...and wait.  This severely impacted all of us. It just got to be too much, and my customers were being left without the help they need.

Beginning in 2017, I decided to withdraw my company from Medicare, and all insurance companies for that matter, so that I could serve my customers' needs, not the government's. Now, I am re-focused entirely on you, the customer. My pledge is to provide the best equipment for your unique needs with my personal service and expertise, all at affordable prices.

I do not sell my mobility products by ordering online in an e-commerce site like many do today.  Yes, they will reach a much wider audience and make sales online, but I like to serve my customers the old fashioned and personal way: IN PERSON. The difference between buying your mobility product from me and online retailers is PERSONAL SERVICE and ACCOUNTABILITY.  Plus, you don't run the RISK of purchasing something online and later not liking what you bought. And guess what, returning any of these products back to an online retailer is very expensive - YOU WILL NOT GET ALL YOUR MONEY BACK.  Many of my customers have told me they wished they hadn't bought online.  A scooter is a personal fit for a right purpose. I personally make sure you have the right product and the right fit. I stand behind all of the products I sell, and you know who to call and where to go if there is a problem. 

I hope to serve you soon. Call me at 251-633-9960. I will personally answer the phone.


Happy scootering...


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