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Below you will find my most popular products with links to product-specific information. Not all of the products I sell are listed, so if you do not see something in which you are interested, call me. I will see if I can get it for you.

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These are the biggest heavy duty products I sell. Excellent for those who want or need that extra power; these offer top of the line power, go the greatest distances, and offer the most comfort and luxury. 

For the campgrounds, the farm, the neighborhood. These products will perform!


Is your scooter or power chair too much to handle when you need to go somewhere? These products attach to your automobile and carry your scooter for you. 

There are many lift combinations from which to choose. In order to fit you with the correct product, I need to know what scooter or chair you are trying to pick up AND what year, make, and model automobile you plan on using to haul your scooter. 


Need something more than a travel scooter or power wheelchair? My medium-size products are bigger, more comfortable, and travel further than travel mobility products. 

With more weight capacity and larger batteries than travel products, these products can take you further on a charge with increased comfort. 

Most of these products will require a lift for your automobile for travelling purposes, but I can handle that for you as well. 


"I need something that I can take apart and put in the trunk of my car for when I go to the casino, WalMart, the grandkid's ball game."

These travel products are the solutions to these and all other occasions when you travel. 

They are easy to disassemble and put back together. Since they are so manageable, a lift for the back of your automobile is not necessary for most folks. However, if you do need a lift product, the lifts designed for these small products are less expensive than full-size lifts. 

Welcome to Mobile Mobility. My name is Claude, and I am the owner. My pledge is to provide the best mobility equipment for your unique mobility needs and desired lifestyle freedom with my personal service and deep mobility expertise, all at affordable prices.  I like to listen and get to know my customers, and I like my customers get to know me.  Together we will get you the right product and the right fit. I stand behind all products I sell, AND you know who to call and where to go if there is a problem.  

I offer portable Travel Scooters and Chairs  that easily assemble/reassemble for trips, like running errands, going to the supermarket, a night at the casinos, watching mardi gras parades or even just getting around the house. Medium/Full size chairs and Scooters for more stability and increased weight limits, and the big boys, Jumbo/Heavy Duty  for all kinds of mobility needs. 

All major forms of payment accepted, AND we offer financing. It's really easy.  In addition, we provide "3-Tier Pricing" options.  YOU determine the level of service that YOU want; set your pricing to your liking.